It started in 1983 with the Montage Picture Processor that utilized a bank of 17 Betamax VCRs. Seventeen copies of a source tape were made and a computer kept track of where each machine was, leapfrogging one after another in order to (barely) provide the illusion of non-linear editing.

“It Burns”  Tucker Stilley  1/19/94

lower E to A

I used to sit all night

Just to watch the machine go

I'd beat the panel with frustration and shame

And at the soft core reality

Stamped with my name

I know it burns

I heard it burns

I waited for the colors and the light to turn

To love and time and love and time

But I became a Cosmic Naught

Chewed my fingers off

It's not for everyone E

The wheel turnsA

The screen burnsB

        D         E            F

The sun it burns it burns


So moon outside

So time I don't know what time

So sky could be any shade

And I used to ask what would keep

When the night comes ....The night comes

To take away the day

Nothing ticked the minutes of your life away

Like the Montage II - Human sacrifice

I must have spent a year

Tied to the wheel

Waiting for the segment build

I miss you and I think I'm gonna cry out

You'll be free in a beautiful place

I'm alone in the building watching the machine go

And the tears are rolling down my face

Last Known Montage II Assistant

the Montage II had a lot of VooDoo surrounding its proper use.

Certain situations called for a sort of “hitting”  or “beating” motion.

All praise to Eris

(and to St. Clare, the Patron saint of Television.)

All power to the people, right on.