Blood from a stone!

                                                        AND don’t “you” hate it when certain        

                                                “People” have websites written in the 3rd person?    

                                Perhaps by some Sycophant Biographer who testifieth thus to the Imported & Perhaps unwarranted importance of such “People” thussly like:

   ≈ “Here you can find information on any aspect of X’s work in media arts. Look at DVD samples of film and television blah blah, or listen to samples of cues for shows or cuts from CD's. Download a printer-friendly copy of his blahography and/or filmography. Find links to further information on our Sponsored Links section: Lyrics of X’s songs, or where to buy items we don't sell here. Buy CD's of whatever X is producing, or his soundtrack CD's.”

                                                                                          Or a startling approximation thereof...

    Well! NewJack is nothing like that. While he recognizes the need to protect the secret identity of hisselves and all the selves of favored  mates, at tymes for reasons of aesthetiks, intellectual “pi®açy” and the like, “He” might upon occasion refer to hisself or the selves of others - willy-nilly in the 1st of persons, “self”-appropriating (as it were) the veiwpoints & perspectives natural to them so as to appear almost duplicitous - but lo!  this be nothing more than the extension of NewJack’s famously well known (and copywritten) account of how, all being one, none be wronged for all sing the song.  (although we Do take turns) This being Revealed Utter Non-sense, and joyfully flying into the grey-dead face of Corporate Idea Vampires, Speculationists & Zombie Lackey Crowd, Lawyers, Lawmen, Lecturers & Leeches et al. - “Deciders” all - it is here stated clearly & for the last time on This Earth that this Site of Webbery constituteth satire, burlesque, lampoon, pastiche, caricature, imitation, mockery; & being naught but an informal spoof throughout it’s entirety and unto it’s nethermost atomic realm - in short, a fabricated confection! all misrepresentation, perversion, corruption & debasement is for the effect of reverse recognition - the hi-speed dawn of unbidden knowledge and is therefore deemed protected speech under the constitution of the Middle Part of the North American continent, which name is at present unutterable due to dark shame of perfidy - hopefully to be expunged with great haste & at some expense for the good of the Whole Round Enterprise. Dude.

            And Now,

                            Yrz. Cordially,

                                        GnuJaques Ras Putine

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