of the Permanent Record of Newjack Rasputin

Pasadena Skylight Series

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Pasadena SkyLight Artist’s Statement

I’ve seen Pasadena change over many years, from it’s optimistic post-war boosterism to it’s ghost malls, antique stores, blind plywood windows – it’s been remade every time – finally into it’s familiar 21st century face.

I love to watch the churn of dreams and decay, but ever since my disembodiment I have prowled the streets on my computer looking for spots to paint.  The ‘backstage’ behind Olde Town that I have chosen as my subject is a service/industrial area and the exact border between the two is deliciously contradictory.

However much I might want to choose contrary subjects to make some point, the light reveals that the work is turning out to be about: The Sierra Madre’s skylight (which i never hoped to capture) and an abstraction too – a seeing – apart from vision.

I have seen the thunderheads boil up behind our mountains
I have seen the sun, that peculiar shade of southern California afternoon slanting in under a sky that hints that the entire pacific ocean is only a day’s walk away
This light changes whatever it touches, gives it new meaning – a sense of well-being – a promise.

~ Later ~   Secret Artist’s Statement

I love these, I truly do love the light of the Sierra Madre’s.  I’ve lived here for aeons and watched The light from the thick petroleum haze of the 70’s to the coldest clearest moonlit night. But i must admit here: I tried a little experiment – i pandered shamelessly to the market, and it worked. As cynical and calculating as this sounds, i was NOT gonna eat this show,  and i also just wondered if i had it in me…  i took elements from every calender-art style and i programmed them in…so it had the light of Monet,  the wildness of Van Gogh,  the celebration of place, (incidentally where my target market lived – so a form of flattery)  I was merciless,  the elevation of the mundane,  the juxtaposition of  the California dream now turned noir on the untamable backlot of some Republican nightmare…Etc. yes, abstracts carefully designed to break up until you reached exactly 4 feet viewing distance and then become impressionist landscapes.

Well, it’s good to know that when i sell out i’m at least technically in control of the work to the degree that people respond.

What if you sold out and nobody noticed!