of the Permanent Record of Newjack Rasputin

Pasadena Artwalk 2014

This Artwalk was great,  if only because  the Krewe pulled it out of a hat at the last moment.  Sales were good, i was particularly impressed by the interesting taste of a couple who bought two of my favorites – but kind of longshots…you know when you are assembling a show you are thinking ok, i’m gonna print these, which definitely nobody is going to buy – but i have to show the dimensions of the vision or it’s just nothing – You have to point the way and have something to say – or go into wallpaper design (which is cool too, but a different tradition)

This way to the Skylight series

Well, i’ll be darned if they didn’t  buy one and then come back a while later and look over this other one that was kind of an oddity: ‘oh, but i love that one too’ said the woman. Ninja Sales-Maven Sarah just said ‘wrap it’ and they had both. I’d like to see their collection.

We even had a visit from the art police who were going to come down on us for being some kind of collective, showing the work of more than one artist…i don’t know how we feel about that…

Cynthia Stilley
Michael Grover
Lindsay Mofford
Randi Steinberger
Juno Stilley
May Rigler
John Dembski
Phillip Stilley
Marisa Grover Mofford
Julie Grosse
Sarah Mofford
Jay Hollenback

Additional Visitors:
Tuni Chatterji
Michael Dressel
Amy Kaczur
Mary Ulin
Tim & Ronnie
Keith Kurman