of the Permanent Record of Newjack Rasputin

Artists Statement

Sense Memory 1, 2013

Inhabiting a place where modernism and chaos theory collide, my lack of body necessitates new sources of intent, gesture and content.  Most of my work concerns steering random processes to reveal hidden truths. For example, for image making I work out delicate processes that give me the highest probability of producing good art, ie, art that is beautiful, intriguing, multi-faceted and mysterious. Algorithms for these qualities require careful adjustment, testing and large amounts of info-space in which to flail around, making ugliness, until they…don’t. This might take a thousand iterations. Content is more mysterious still. I collect keywords until I feel a resonance. Then I launch a web-crawling spider-bot to retrieve maybe 300 ‘seed’ images per keyword. These are analyzed, abstracted and recombined. Text and music respond to similar strategies but it’s much harder to gauge the results. Every time I switch tech or revisit a technique I can’t be sure of success so my art-making naturally drifts in circles as I reinvent each discipline. All this is now done by using my eyes – by looking into machines. By thinking and dreaming, this ritualistic processing serves the dual purpose of expressing my experience to my community and expanding parameters for all disembodied artists. I am artificially – starkly – divided into tech…and spirit. Yeah – see if you can find the dividing line… That’s what I’m doing.