of the Permanent Record of Newjack Rasputin

RGB Totems

ACP RGB totem WIP 210I really love resin, all plastics really but especially UV curing surfboard resin.
If you’ve worked with resin, the regular two part fiberglass resin, then what i say will mean something to you. UV curing resin won’t turn to rock without warning – it’s not too smelly – It’s the bomb, and dries in minutes, with a texture like glass and wax mixed together, best of all – for me – it objectifies things, anything in resin is a one-of-a-kind.   i would go so far as to say i’m obsessed with it.
On this project we stretched it well past it’s structural limits, encountering delamination, deep cracking, clouding and spiderweb cracking.  It is, after all,  meant to fuse fiberglass – and our mix of opaque and non absorbent materials stressed it… beautifully.

In my youth with a friend – ever since i hitch-hiked extensively, i became fascinated with the roadside detritus.  As you know if you get out of your car and walk, the ground is covered – in some places actually composed – of glass, plastic and metal fragments, in some spots even forming dunes.
Strangely precious objects can surface, so weathered, abraded, ablated, splintered, twisted and finally ground down again that quite or almost entirely unrecognizable – they attain a shell-like or jewel-like beauty,  like sea-glass but with a fateful high velocity component, sun-bleached, apocalyptic – meaningless.   That became part of my aesthetic, even my philosophy. Life is a stress-test.

indianhead640x480This project itself, was a triptych media totem that simultaneously pays homage to, and seriously mocks what i consider to be the most impressive 4D sculptural artworks created by man. The Analog Television Broadcast System.
i am still recovering from Bob Lamb’s 5 hour marathon explanation of the 1984 video signal and in all it’s arbitrary glory. my eyes were opened then as the world sized multi-functional, relativisitic vibratory world sculpture, took form before my eyes.  Our accidental masterpiece – phasing everything in it’s path, expanding, warping, the details emerged –  how clever we were, and how of course disgusting we were for modulating it to carry Three’s Company or whatever through our bodies and on up into the stars, none of this was said outright but was an epiphany derived from the grinding logic of the lecture.
Component-video cablesi love lectures, anyway, it became a part of my aesthetic, my philosophy. Life is a waveform.   John Holland sat nodding his head in deep agreement like a person about to get up and testify.  It was then that i joined the Blackburst Lodge.


So… this is sort of how i work, when i work physically – in instant messages, phone pix, emails, and baddly spppellled documentz.  Here’s an unedited hunk of my and Art-Bots communications one day early on in the processs.

Ok, make two slightly different sized circles of the most translucent paper yeah you can find, about two feet across, and positn so the span the gap between panels, one high one lower, these go under the eyes if they intersect, then make three more smaller ones circle of random size and  let them run off the panels at wil..ACP RGB totem WIP 139
The goal is to lighten the bg to accomedate some very complex geometric flwe star mandalas we willconstructout of the printed transparentcie so ut it up….
ACP RGB totem WIP 140Neither; we need old thin encyclopedia pages, lindsay probably knows where to find some

ok, so heres the plan,
assemble the thin paper circles, two big, three small
start cutting the transparencies into shapes, acute, triangles, circles, squares, and lines, they shoud generally be no bigger than two inches on a side,  since we will be assembling them into compound shapes that will be arrayed in a radial pattern that extends about two inches past the circumference of the paper circles,ACP RGB totem WIP 180
the lines should be fairly thin, and proceed to get smaller from the center, in imitatation of organic and crystal forms
think of star, snowflake flowers
think of assembling tinkertoys into a ferris wheel

ACP RGB totem WIP 076i suppose we will just use tape to tack everything  together  and  then for the application we lay…

I would make a template, but only use it for measuring and drawing the outline, freehand painting will be ok
triangles one inch tall, in a line,.. If you want to, you can use a stencil, fast and accurate. Up to you, might be fun to do every other triagle and fill inn  the second set after …  E