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Lines of Sight at Artist Curated Projects

ACP World Headquarters
ACP World Headquarters. What is it? Moorish? , Mexican? , Mideval? The site was originally an art school founded by sculptor Finn Haakon Frolich, and Jack London used to stay here when he visited L.A.

And here’s where i say how pleased i am at the ACP show – how it was created, installed, and received.  Working with ALL my collaborators was a joy, and i want to especially thank Eve Fowler for making her amazing historical haunted space available. I was actually unconscious during the whole show and i dreampt that i was entering the gallery space – winching myself up – using a compound pully – up to the old art studio entrance (then the ONLY entry!) on the third floor in a (red) bucket. (i guess  it was a hayloft back in the day) i’m particularly glad to have had that dream.

As the ”Art-ist” i cherish a fun opening almost as much as i do making good work.
If anyone’s to credit for that, it’s my oh-so-capable friends and colleagues.


I’ve constantly been amazed by the quality of our tribe.

Normally i would document it on my website but that’s temporarily frozen. So here It is: thank you all, thank you all!

Randi and Kate Brown
Randi and Kate Brown

the Facilitators:
Randi Malkin Steinberger
Sam Durant
Lindsay Mofford
Kate Brown
Eve Fowler
Cynthia Stilley
Phillip (Art-Bot) Stilley
Beth Laski
Joyce Elsroad
Kate Stilley


See what they have to put up with?

Directions for Installation

The text will be in ‘islands’ located, shaped and sized at your discretion.
Obviously placed in some relation to the piece that they describe.
any fastening method can be used – tape, pins, tacks, whatever.
A grid approach is not necessary,and mild crookedness tolerable. The elements should be applied in the following order:

Apply these first in any order, they are the computer font and are random. You can use them to form, outline or randomly place the ‘isands’. Subsequent layers can cover/overlap these without fear.

These should be cut into paragraphs or even sentences and applied over the LOS 2 ‘base’.

These pages form a gigantic,rambling text related to ‘lines of sight’, they need to be in order, though not contiguous.
Attach them vertically, in order, making strips of any size to meet your needs.
Start on your left as you enter, and work your way around the room to your right.
This would be clockwise, seen from above.

This extremely verbose and pretentious document should go in page order.
Attach them vertically, in order, making strips of any size to meet your needs.
You are encouraged to start at the ceiling and continue to the floor in continuous strips.
Passing behind furniture is permissible.

If possible,one continuous vertical strip.

One vertical strip.

You’re holding them.
Place to the left of the door as you’re facing out.

Thanx SO MUCH everyone.

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