Online Exhibits

 the outer shellWe find it quite an undertaking to mount physical exhibits, although we love to do it as much as we can.  In the meanwhile we drop a project or two on the site as Online Exhibits.

All Hands On Board - Archives of the ghost site Ning, including Parallel Play - a history of whomever is beside me... The Awesome Vineyard Archive...   The very fun Second Life Eiffel Tower Jump and the Pasadena Art-Walk. Artist Practice Pasadena Artwalk 2014  -  Pasadena Skylight Series,  Emergent Series Sense Memories - an early study in feet and glitches Motherlode: Inside/Out  Artist Curated Projects - Lines of Sight an overview of the solo show, including Soul Prisoners , RGB Totems and Ramifications of Eyetracking. A raw interview by Charlie Peters of Outlook Magazine. 


Here are Online Exhibits from deeper inside the Permanent Record’s Kore:

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