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ALS: Artists Lend Support – New York Design Center

Artists Lend Support Exhibition Opening

On April 7, 2015, the New York Design Center hosted the Artists Lend Support exhibition opening. The pop-up art gallery in 1st dibs at NYDC features work created for and by people with ALS. When multi-media artist Brian Fender was diagnosed with ALS nearly four years ago, he and his partner Ron tried to hold onto their lives in New York City. But after a year into life with ALS, they took a trip home to Arkansas for a visit and never went back to their apartment in the city. For Brian, it took a terminal illness to fully appreciate the multitude of blessings that come with just being alive. He rediscovered love for the basic beauty of life, leading him to reconnect with artists. Through this trans-formative process, Brian created the non-profit Artists Lend Support (ALS). Artists Lend Support is a fine art website with a portion of the proceeds benefiting ALS TDI, a nonprofit biotechnology organization developing effective treatments for ALS.

To bring Artists Lend Support to life, Brian Fender created the pop-up art exhibition in partnership with 1stdibs Gallery at the New York Design Center on the 10th floor, running from April 6 to May 4.
Along with Brian Fender, artists who have ALS and still create art include:

• Tucker Stilley: Tucker has been paralyzed due to the effects of ALS for years but that hasn’t stopped his creativity. He uses computer tracking of his eye movements to create his works of art.
• Steve Dezember II: Steve uses his wheelchair as his “paint brush” to create his vibrant paintings.

Other artists who will be showing and donating proceeds from their works include Alicia LacanceJovi ShnellKarine Laval,Benjamin Allire SaenzJason Twiggy LottSteven Spazuk,LaDawna WhitsideMichele MikesellJoshua VogelRobert Greeneand Tobie Giddio.

“I love artists and their creative spirits and, by curating this website and launching the Gallery in New York, hopefully I will expose others to contemporary artists who they might not be aware of,” says Brian. “I send a heartfelt thanks to all the brilliant artists who have donated their work and support ALS, it truly makes a difference.”