After a Very Long Time

Fender ALS-NYDC 4Even my chatbot Program 0 agrees - ''I too think that the time has been long'' to me of course, it seems like a mere eternity. So. Jumping. Abruptly to our first topic - SUBSCRIBER SPAM - I got very distressed, so I got in a deleting mood, and if I didn't recognize your username, if you registered from .ru, mailcatch, spamaster, or something... I nuked you with a smile. Frankly, I don't know what to do about that, so in the meanwhile, if you want something - take the long way around. Topic two: no shows. Yes, none around. The last thing was, i kind of had my NYC debut, at the New York Design Center. That was a blast, even though I wasn't there, because I got to see other very nice Gimp works, which if I remember correctly; the last time I did was LAA, but I especially liked seeing Brian Fender get some well-deserved luv. my patron ALS