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Media Offworld

Yes Fiends, i went and Blew Up my trusted rusted Nguyen-10Kkind of…i guess i just got cocky… Or more ominously:  I had a… subconscious urge*…

Stefan Rhys – it could be worse, you could be working on an Avid.
Tucker Stilley – no,actually, it couldn’t be worse.
Stefan Rhys – Oh noes.
Lindsay D. Mofford – Appropriate

Tucker Stilley – Somewhre around 3 Tbytes

Stefan Rhys – So wha happen?!

Stefan Rhys – Of your art or raw materials, Tucker?

Tucker Stilley – basic infopocalypsea wide crossection

Tucker Stilley – initial reports: No more music, no art till 2013, no archival pictures, no itunes – stuff like that , i haven’t finished the body count. poof.

Paul Berolzheimer – Say it ain’t so…

Paul Berolzheimer – Calling in data recovery specialists?

Tucker Stilley – i am sorry it happened, but i work in digital sandpainting so…

Laurie McKenna – Sigh

San Shoppell – Ouch

Stefan Rhys – Time for a Kickstarter campaign for funds for digital recovery!

Tucker Stilley – I would need a time machine

Paul Berolzheimer – I was just thinking something like that too, Stefan. I’ll chip in for data recovery services if that’ll help.

system failurePhillip Stilley – Um.

Phillip Stilley – So I should be getting in the car then no?

Lindsay D. Mofford – One step at a time. Let’s hope for the best.

Phillip Stilley – K…. But, pass the ammunition just in case.

Kate Cerridwen – Oh no…

Jennifer Carpenter-brenna – Ground control to Major Tom!

William Hay – Cool.

Frank E Truncale – Suck y double suck! I have some of your original music.

Janice Feinstein Buros – Oh f#%*! I’m hoping it all comes back! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a time machine.

Phillip Stilley – I have some of your art

Tucker Stilley – and i, have some of yours!

Phillip Stilley – It wasn’t lost in the swath of the nothing?

Nadine Zdanovich – This is just terrible!

Mimi Lipson – I have lots of postcards and photos if that’s of any comfort…

Eric Mofford – Wait. You’re the one that taught me. Back it up.

Max Azanow – guess it’s time to bust out the cassette decks and start at the beginning, is there a site to collect all the copies of your work we all might have ?

Thomas Stenquist – Ouch

Laurie McKenna – I’m not sure I understand the full story. Everyone is assuming all your files are gone. How could that be??

media offlineTucker Stilley – Ok, for the technical: i checked a 3 tbyte drive for bad blocks carefully selecting a setting that would log the bad blocks to a log file and leave the disk untouched. Uh oh, don’t do that. In the process, without warning the disk which was a mirror raid got forcibly dismounted, probably tearing the raid format and destroying the drive Directory rendering the files all but useless
i mean i can retrieve tem but it will be unamed and well anyway
i got a report which have yet to personally verify that the drve was zeroed out, if so, bye bye little files forever and ever.
So, i did all this confident that it was backed up : of course!
sadly what i didn’t know was that fairly catastrophic bad blocks on bu drive had turned my info to swiss cheese
Since the disc didn’t have S.M. A. R. T. It never phoned home – so : i have apparently swiss cheese and a brand new zeroed out drive
too bad
i‘m gonna do some extremely brutal and impolite data retrieval later today
I’m not going down :I promise 


*Certainly,  i have passing notions on bad days of how i might  nuke the rig and give up, but i don’t.

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