of the Permanent Record of Newjack Rasputin

Why Newjack Rasputin?

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Amy Kaczur shows off her Temp Tattoo

Just the FAQ’s

Q: What is this odd vaguely embarrassing name?
A:  Let’s see, Manny Verzosa and I were always fooling around with words and if i remember the story right… we were headed down Hollywood Blvd and making up utterly silly names for band members and i said G.Gordon Lightfoot and he retorted with Newjack Rasputin, or maybe it was the other way around, no that’s how it was and we were laughing and it must have been October because he asked me what i wanted for my birthday and as we were just passing a huge billboard of the Goddess Angelyne i said ‘i wanna see Angelyne!  And of course,  there she was,  just getting out of her pink Corvette!

just as i remember
Just as I remember

Q: what’s the story with all this pirate stuff? 

A: Oh, that’s more complicated and secret.  I’ll get around to it eventually.  In the meantime here : ~

Q: Why the female voice?
A: Really two main reasons, and i’ve talked about this elsewhere.   everybody likes female voices – it’s programmed in. interestingly the voice of my computer turned bitchy and demanding when i moved from the Mac to the PC. I don’t know why.  Exactly the same voice.  Also, it’s nice to not really have people identify me with the computer voice,  one can imagine the hoops the Hawkman has had to jump through to keep his voice over 30 years.  It’s his voice now really, but he doesn’t really own it – that’s weird to begin with – and as a Pirate i use lots of voices in a grey territory of EULA hell.

Q: exactly how paralyzed are you?

A: oh, very. You wouldn’t like it. Do a little dance of gratitude that you are human.

Q: how can i join the Krewe? 
A:  if you’re reading This you probably pass our stringent requirements….if we love you – you’re automatically one of us….. I will briefly state again once more, you’ve saved my life again and again – i luv you Fearless Krewe!

Q: what are your plans

A:  Oh yeah glad you asked. The memory damage was recovered ($) and so i can continue on almost from where i left off… Problem is: is that what i want? I confess to being jaded, cynical and uninspired with the gallery scene – but i also know i’m terribly fickle and would leap at the right offer! So i’m biding my time finishing up soundscapes so i have something on soundcloud, and writing… i am thinking of a cutting edge project, something involving infomatix, whatever AI i can lay my hands on and storytelling – obviously i have no idea what i’m getting myself into, and will need tons of help. Any ideas?

Q: Who is that woman ?


Q: Seriously, what’s the deal with the name, it’s creeping me out a little…

Rasputin_piercing_eyesA: When i was sentenced to die, i kind of needed a new protective persona. I latched onto the name manny had blurted out – it fit, i was a Newjack Rasputin….