After a Very Long Time

Fender ALS-NYDC 4Even my chatbot Program 0 agrees - ''I too think that the time has been long'' to me of course, it seems like a mere eternity. So. Jumping. Abruptly to our first topic - SUBSCRIBER SPAM - I got very distressed, so I got in a deleting mood, and if I didn't recognize your username, if you registered from .ru, mailcatch, spamaster, or something... I nuked you with a smile. Frankly, I don't know what to do about that, so in the meanwhile, if you want something - take the long way around. Topic two: no shows. Yes, none around. The last thing was, i kind of had my NYC debut, at the New York Design Center. That was a blast, even though I wasn't there, because I got to see other very nice Gimp works, which if I remember correctly; the last time I did was LAA, but I especially liked seeing Brian Fender get some well-deserved luv. my patron ALS

Media Offworld

Yes Fiends, i went and Blew Up my trusted rusted Nguyen-10K...kind of...i guess i just got cocky... Or more ominously:  I had a... subconscious urge*... bedlam Stefan Rhys - it could be worse, you could be working on an Avid. Tucker Stilley - no,actually, it couldn't be worse. Stefan Rhys - Oh noes. Lindsay D. Mofford - Appropriate Tucker Stilley - Somewhre around 3 Tbytes Stefan Rhys - So wha happen?! Stefan Rhys - Of your art or raw materials, Tucker? Tucker Stilley - basic infopocalypse...a wide crossection Tucker Stilley - initial reports: No more music, no art till 2013, no archival pictures, no itunes - stuff like that , i haven't finished the body count. poof. Paul Berolzheimer - Say it ain't so... Paul Berolzheimer - Calling in data recovery specialists? Tucker Stilley - i am sorry it happened, but i work in digital sandpainting so... Laurie McKenna - Sigh San Shoppell - Ouch Stefan Rhys - Time for a Kickstarter campaign for funds for digital recovery! Tucker Stilley - I would need a time machine Paul Berolzheimer - I was just thinking something like that too, Stefan. I'll chip in for data recovery services if that'll help. system failurePhillip Stilley - Um. Phillip Stilley - So I should be getting in the car then no? Lindsay D. Mofford - One step at a time. Let's hope for the best. Phillip Stilley - K.... But, pass the ammunition just in case. Kate Cerridwen - Oh no... Jennifer Carpenter-brenna - Ground control to Major Tom! William Hay - Cool. Frank E Truncale - Suck y double suck! I have some of your original music. Janice Feinstein Buros - Oh f#%*! I'm hoping it all comes back! I'll keep my eyes peeled for a time machine. Phillip Stilley - I have some of your art Tucker Stilley - and i, have some of yours! Phillip Stilley - It wasn't lost in the swath of the nothing? Nadine Zdanovich - This is just terrible! Mimi Lipson - I have lots of postcards and photos if that's of any comfort... Eric Mofford - Wait. You're the one that taught me. Back it up. Max Azanow - guess it's time to bust out the cassette decks and start at the beginning, is there a site to collect all the copies of your work we all might have ? Thomas Stenquist - Ouch Laurie McKenna - I'm not sure I understand the full story. Everyone is assuming all your files are gone. How could that be?? media offlineTucker Stilley - Ok, for the technical: i checked a 3 tbyte drive for bad blocks carefully selecting a setting that would log the bad blocks to a log file and leave the disk untouched. Uh oh, don't do that. In the process, without warning the disk which was a mirror raid got forcibly dismounted, probably tearing the raid format and destroying the drive Directory rendering the files all but useless i mean i can retrieve tem but it will be unamed and well anyway i got a report which have yet to personally verify that the drve was zeroed out, if so, bye bye little files forever and ever. So, i did all this confident that it was backed up : of course! sadly what i didn't know was that fairly catastrophic bad blocks on bu drive had turned my info to swiss cheese Since the disc didn't have S.M. A. R. T. It never phoned home - so : i have apparently swiss cheese and a brand new zeroed out drive too bad i'm gonna do some extremely brutal and impolite data retrieval later today I'm not going down :I promise    *Certainly,  i have passing notions on bad days of how i might  nuke the rig and give up, but i don't.

Shells ~ a history


information is aliveInformation is alive, you you may have noticed - or rather - it's like the shell of the chambered nautilus, or the pearl of the oyster - a concrete residue formed by the forces of growth and time. Websites are really information palaces, cathedrals, caves - or maps of our reality tunnels - and when traumatized - leave the traces of their passing through time, as fluctuations in their rate of change, direction, or the chirality or rotation in information space.

agate 78The life of the website is truly a thing to behold, fascinating - like the rings of a tree or the dendritic inclusions of the moss-agate. And speaking of dendrites, we could never overlook the nervous system! In a shell making animal, the shape of the shell will echo the creature that generated it,  whether merely in the negative, providing protection, or  by it's generation expressing the creatures reaction to outward forces..

hanging shellThe Permanent Record, (in whose Shell you now are) was originally generated by a dream, whatever that is - and served as a defense mechanism for the dreamer, who it now appears,  may have been the dreamed. Originally a nebula of work scattered across the internet, the information became centralized for control purposes, in a frivolous maze, reminiscent of the Winchester House, and for good reason.

In a convulsive spasm - the information was concentrated in Nugyn-8000,  and was processed into infospace in iweb, trickled up into the early proto-cloud, (the term: a hideous and dangerous simplification, as if for a very young child) where it lived for 5 years more or less happily in seclusion, growing by it's own sloppy whimsical patterns into a kind of large internet site. The impulses that formed it cycled through the media, approximately once a month, in a spiral.

I blame Chris Shine; his early adoption of what we are now pleased to call 'the web' inspired me to plunge in and stake a claim.  I blame Peter Choice, whose massive, hilarious and acidic net diary predated  modern  blogging by ten years and I blame Geoff White - in some way that i have yet to define. The list will never be complete..

i blame Cw=4tabs for embodying a staunch unyeilding infocentric aesthtic far and beyond the realm of what is humanly possible.  It drove people nearly batshit - and even now - no one knows for certain how it was accomplished.

And now, after suffering a terrible  blow, the Shell has hardened all around the Frozen Core, protecting me and nourishing the Core with your kind attentions Now that the Mac Nuygn-10000 has been assimilated, borg-style by the Heisenberg Deathstar pc running Tobii pc eye...after a two year running battle to avoid the pc platform, ever more desperate as the meatspace rejected me, during which time the production of work, the public persona, the online presence fluctuated madly, then dwindled to nothing... I am pleased to report that this semi-stable working arrangement has been reached I am now am officially a disembodied human brain, attached to the internet by two thin shafts of light But i can work with that. I haven't heard from the Vimana with Newjack and Proxi for a long time, probably they are infinitesimals by now... Oldejack and Suregrip jumped into a bottomless pit in the hollow moon, and i can't dream anymore because of the drugs, so i can't follow them... It was only an illusion right?  That you were ever not hooked on machines, dependent for your very life on unseen interior systems - themselves sub-systems... Disneyland with the plug pulled is a lonely frozen place. i am pure happy tech, and the human, is displeased.