Landing Pad

Skuld's Talisman

Skuld’s Talisman

This is the Landing Pad at my Studio. The site is huge and ridiculous – as always, when you go exploring the Permanent Record you will find that it’s a confusing labyrinth that grew over time in it’s own weird way… I’ve tried to make breadcrumb trails for you…

If you need an introduction to me – here’s the Artists Statement, Resume and Bio

The Giftshoppe , Member Marketplace and the Social Network as well as other sites I’ve been invited to such as Eyegaze Artists and Artists Lend Support (ALS) …and maybe more!

gif by Art-Bot

gif by Art-Bot


Artist Practice

The NING Ahob

Soul Prisoners

RGB Totems


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15 thoughts on “Landing Pad

  1. Tucker i am blown away by your work and you mind. i am a fellow living with ALS recipient and i was introduced to your wife via a mutual freind (i invert the ie rule all the time now so i just leave it) on facebook. anyway great to have found you

    • Hey thanks so much Brian,
      i’m hoping i can keep it fresh, i never was much of the blogger, but i love having a place of my own
      to put my weirdness

  2. hi there,
    following you here hahahaha! Do I have to do anything except give name and email? Ok look forward to more amazing stuff by you and inspiration of course. Take Care and Much Love…..

  3. So, just spent a few hours remembering and reviewing the Ning site. You know what, you’re right, it’s not that easy to navigate anymore. Time to move on! But please find a place for the Parallel Play. Always love seeing who is sharing with you. By the way, Art-Bot’s Gif is pretty damn cool.

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