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This is an AHOB Member Item!*

Rare Trinket CDs, unreleased DVD (plus rare magnet)

Rare Trinket CDs, unreleased DVD (plus rare magnet)

Rarely seen live, but always loved by AHOB, Trinket (sometimes known as "The Trinkets") is a band that rocks in a wonderful, whimsical way. Laura Hall on guitar, keyboards and accordian, Amy Tung on guitar, Heather Anderson on bass and Curt Anderson on drums. Everybody sings.

Many a late night has been spent around the campfire on Adair street singing these classic songs, never before released on a CD or album. Now get the "Anthology" CD and the recently released CD of new songs, "Trinket Returns," as a special AHOB Community Member marketplace special. Both CDs, a magnet and stickers. These are collector's items.

All of the proceeds from this sale go to help defray healthcare expenses and help support Tucker's art.

Price: $30
Note: Donated by Trinket (to be sent by Eric Mofford)

Shipping: Free to addresses in the United States.
Please inquire if shipping outside the United States.

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